Organizational Coaching Programs


TWO different programs are available :


Organizational Coaching Program

Programs are 3 phases 

Our whole purpose is to provide you and your team with the information, the tools, the training and the application coaching that will make you and your team game changers in your market and in your industry.

Organizational Coaching programs are well defined in time with clear objectives and deliverables.  When these programs are completed, your organization has in place the tools, the systems, the communication and the behavior to maintain strong High Performance Team across all departments involved in the program.

How you will cash that check is entirely up to you : You may grow sales, grow revenues, grow profits, improve your team, improve results sharing, use your team to innovate etc.

At each phase you decide to: stop or go and timing.

We work together with your team to make changes happen.

Phase 1 : This journey start with a professional detailed complete assessment of the current situation. The results are presented to you and your executive team along with an action plan to address the weaknesses identified. This presentation is not a pressure selling pitch, but a fact exposure business discussion.  Whether you chose to enlist us or not to move forward, the report is yours to keep.
Phase 2 : The next step is to execute a training and coaching program tailored to the needs and goals you have for your organizational. Organizational Coaching  programs are structured to accelerate teamwork development, so you achieve your goals quickly and completely. This phase is structured in our proprietary 1+5 steps process.
Phase 3 : The integration phase is a period where the coaching is combined with follow-up on the new work habits and new skills are honed in, generating long term winning and innovative team culture. 


Team Member Individual Coaching

Our whole purpose is to provide you and the individual team members involved with the knowledge, tools, training and application coaching that will make them and their team game changers in the business.

Team Member Coaching programs are flexible in time and focused on individuals needs to improve their performance as team leader and team member. When the programs is completed, the team member has learnt and used the tools, systems, communication and behavior to be part of, to lead and maintain High Performance Team.

You decide who should be trained and coached, when to start and stop. 

Phase 1 : This journey start with a professional focused teamwork assessment of Team Members and their team.  The assessment can be carried with a wider group to help focus on.
Phase 2 : The next step is to schedule and conduct the individuals training and coaching  program.  The program typically represents 35 to 60 hours working one-on-one with each team member.

Phase 3 : A teamwork assessment is conducted with trainee’s team and teammates to measure the impact and retained learning.


Learn "How we do it".  Then practice, find your own way and get our support to build your HIGH PERFORMANCE TEAM and maximize Business Results with TEAMWORK.



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