We are the experts to develop cohesive teamwork and team performance aligned with our clients' purpose and goals. We are passionate about building teams and team leaders into a structured ensemble where every team member proudly contributes to their maximum.  We bring information, systemic communication and accountability to the team and all team members. This forms into a fast learning cycle where the team (as an entity) and every team member learn. grow and develop. This accelerates sales, innovation and consistently push back the frontiers of the possible.


to ensure the Success of your Team

Learn "How we do it".  Then practice, find your own way and get our support to build your HIGH PERFORMANCE TEAM and boost Business Results through TEAMWORK.

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Alain Gardner – Côte Vertu, St-Laurent, Québec, Canada


At Gardner & Associates we are dedicated at improving teamwork in organizations.

Teamwork as a mean to improve all aspects of business performance : Increase sales, Reduce costs, Accelerate changes and innovations, Retain talent and Improve profitability to benefit everyone.

Teamwork as a mean to  accelerate growth, boost business value and create opportunities for all team members.  

Teamwork to solve team conflicts, redirect conflict energy to positive end and boost employee satisfaction for all.

Teamwork that mobilize employees into ONE cohesive TEAM .

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We are passionate about all aspects of teamwork success. To support the development of effective teamwork we offer :

• Speaking engagements: Teamwork to make a difference, Team Leadership, Resolving Team Conflicts to make team of winners

• Training on team development and renewal process

• Training on High Performance 360° Team:  Structure, System, Tools and Methods. Application coaching can also offered.

• We offer Team Cohesion Assessment - Administer; Present results; Present roadmap for your implementation of solutions; Technical support for your implementation.  

• Team leadership development - to adapt leadership style to new team, new mandate, new environment

• We also offer company wide culture transition to high performance team based organization.

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