19 Jun 2018

Why is Change Management still complicated?

In a recent conversation with a new teacher of change management, we went on to compare some of the methodologies and practical application that have shown the most effective through my 30 years of experience in bringing changes to various industries. Why is change management so complicated? Why all the resistance to change? Change management currently defines the set...

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14 Jun 2018

How does Team work?

When was your last experience as a member, a leader or a coach of a high-performance team? Most of my contacts did say it dates back to college or university years, in a sports team (hockey, football, soccer, basketball etc.). Do you remember how it felt to be part of that team? Why is it important? Because the performance...

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06 Jun 2018

Why high team’s performance doesn’t last ?

What you observe in your business when looking at Team Performance : Have you ever noticed the trends in Team Performance? The ups and downs that follow your efforts and focus to gain results and reach a target… Did you ever wonder why the team performance dropped back to its “natural” level after it reached its goals? Would you...

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