How Cohesive is your Team?

December 04, 2017Uncategorized

We have found a way to  grant access to our Team Cohesiveness Assessment to all our readers.

The  Team Cohesiveness Assessment (survey) takes roughly 15 minutes to complete.

It gathers and validate information on number of indicators of the quality of the team cohesion in the workplace.

Team Leadership Puzzle

Team Leadership is a puzzle to understand and adapt to situation and team

We have used this Team Cohesiveness Assessment successfully in number of different organizations to guide us in the development of tailored approaches to improve teamwork, operational and sales results and bottom line results while developing people and their leadership abilities.
In order to serve and make it more accessible, we have moved the Team Cohesiveness Assessment to a more accessible platform. Survey can be accessed through the following link:

Go to survey

We offer personalization services and results compilation and interpretation services.  This way you can collect results specific to your entreprise to guide in the development of a program tailored to your situation and goals.  Remember that employees have answers to most challenges today’s business and organizations are facing. We help you collect and interpret their answers.
For simplification purpose, we uniformized the following definitions for a large number of applications and work environments.

Check your Score:

Score above 250 – You are mastering teamwork – Your organization is aligned, very cohesive and you most probably dominate your market on all aspects.  Employees are flocking to join in, everyone contributes and innovation outpaces your competitors.  Great job and great future ahead !
Score of 200 to 250 – You are doing well, teamwork is fair, there is room to improve by tweaking some aspects of teamwork.  No major alignment required you are doing good internally and most probably on the market against your competitors.
Score of 150 to 200 – Teamwork is weak, you are at the mercy of unions, competitors and innovation.  Your organization is waiting for major shake up to make the required changes. You will have difficulties to recruit and get employees, to bring in innovations to ensure a future for the organization. You should to plan to change the culture in order to survive the next storm in your industry.
Score below 150 – You are in critical situation and need urgent intervention.  There is no teamwork. Your employees and your clients are looking for alternatives, your margins are shrinking, the quality delivered to your clients “sucks” and your clients are complaining and claiming.  You are on survival mode in a downward spiral.  If the survival of your business is important for you. call for help, as new solutions outside the box are badly needed. Reach us at 514-357-0163

Definitions :
“Workgroup” means team, crew, shift crew, department employees/ staff, sector employees, functional area employees, staff group, employees group etc.
“Work”  means any form of output generated from the work accomplished, like: material, product, parts, assemblies, service, transaction,  information, ideas. designs, sales contacts, client in development etc.
We are looking forward to your participation and feedback.
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