Bad Apple vs. Teams.

Facts :
Teams with just ONE “deadbeat downer” suffer a performance disadvantage of UP to 40 % compared to Teams that have NO BAD APPLES.

You should know and observe :
There are many types of Bad Apples:
1. “Jerks”.
a. Embarrass or insult people.
b. Credit takers (neglect / deny others contribution to success )
c. Blamers (failures and shortcomings are due to others)
d. Other people’s ideas are inadequate.
e. Attention seekers

2. Slackers.
a. Unfocused – can’t focus on the tasks at hand
b. Sending texts in meetings.
c. Saying, “Whatever.”
d. Give up when the going gets tough
e. Give up when they need to change their ways

3. Depressive pessimists.
a. Depressives are doubters.
b. The fence sitters (if you make it happen, they will join)
c. The naysayers and the negative personalities
d. They put their heads down on the table.

The symptoms you observe :
• Teams with bad apples argued more and take on characteristic behavior. of the bad apple
• They insult each other more frequently………… and give up sooner.

Bad apples spoil Teams and healthy Team dynamics is more important than top talent.

They Good News :

There is a simple and quick and inexpensive solution to turn the bad apples into productive team members.
Bring up the best in every team members, you will find the experienced Top performers your Teams requires to successfully pick up the challenges at hand.
We help teams succeed by bringing the best out of every team members. Our secret is in the set up of the team. Our proven process will ensure your success.

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