27 May 2020


How the COVID economy is forcing business leaders to walk the talk! Operate effectively and efficiently with fewer employees and more distance between them is no longer a goal, it is a NECESSITY MANDATED by COVID prevention! In this new reality, the surviving and thriving businesses must take action NOW to improve the way they serve their customers (on...

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04 Mar 2020

What is leadership style?

At every level of an organization, leadership is required and expected. After all, we all want to trust that people in our organization will take charge and deliver with their team. But what do we know about leadership and more importantly, about team leadership style? What makes up a team leadership style? We have identified the key team leadership elements...

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02 Oct 2019

The king is dead, Long live the TEAM

The « Leader » is Dead, Long Live the TEAM Today’s world is becoming more complex every day.  A new model for a Cohesive Leadership Team is needed for organizations to survive. No One leader can master or even keep track of all the changes and threats coming at them on a daily basis.  Whether it is client evolving demands, employee’s...

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17 Sep 2019

Team Coaching – True Story

Here is a true story of structured team coaching in action that I lived a few years ago. The story starts with a simple inquiry looking for advice: ○ Dear Alain, I have been working in my company for 6 years and I have been a team leader for 1.5 years. There are 6 engineers (men and women) in...

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06 Feb 2019

You keep hiring and never seem to have all the talents your business needs.

You can’t hire them fast enough to replace the ones leaving You want to know WHY? Beyond the clichés and the old ineffective solutions you tried without sustainable results!  We offer real solutions tailored to each situation, each business, each work environment. We provide solutions to retain and grow an engaged workforce without raising your labor and benefits costs!...

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14 Dec 2018

Without proper methodology, you can fall in Teamwork development traps, never build real team

A proper teamwork development methodology is needed to make TEAM WORK and avoid team development traps.  It must not the flavor of the month, but the base ingredient of your recipe for personal and business success. A short burst of “talking Team” and “Teamwork” before returning to old habits of “internal competition” discredit “leadership’s credibility” with all employees. Teamwork needs...

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29 Nov 2018

A performance management model that makes conventional methods and techniques obsolete.

Performance Management models, techniques and styles have evolved and keep evolving all the time. Our understanding of what makes a performance management model successful is growing slowly, as we often lack the common definition of performance and success. For simplicity, we will define Performance as the resources (human, material, equipment, infrastructure, capital) used to accomplish the enterprise purpose. We...

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05 Sep 2018

Teamwork as a strategic advantage

In sports and in business, strategy design is important. Strategy implementation is a critical skill for teams to master in order to succeed. What you know The essence of business is competition. Nowadays, we compete for all aspects of business survival: We compete to gain/ keep clients, we compete to find and retain talent, we compete to be the...

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19 Jun 2018

Why is Change Management still complicated?

In a recent conversation with a new teacher of change management, we went on to compare some of the methodologies and practical application that have shown the most effective through my 30 years of experience in bringing changes to various industries. Why is change management so complicated? Why all the resistance to change? Change management currently defines the set...

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14 Jun 2018

How does Team work?

When was your last experience as a member, a leader or a coach of a high-performance team? Most of my contacts did say it dates back to college or university years, in a sports team (hockey, football, soccer, basketball etc.). Do you remember how it felt to be part of that team? Why is it important? Because the performance...

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