Conversation – Bad Apple

In a recent conversation with a friend, he was pointing out the main trouble with teams in the businesses he has been leading and the ones he help salvage.

The biggest problem with teams is the bad apples that are so frequent. “ The bad apples spoil the team. Healthy Team Dynamics is more important than top talent. There are many forms of bad apples that have the ability to destroy that team dynamic and energy.”

You are right Jacques, there are various types of bad apples. We do not always have the possibility to choose the members of our team. Sometimes, expertise, availability, skills, seniority, experience, contacts network or other factors impose members on the team.

The question is “How do we bring all characters and members of a team to act and work as teammates, to contribute fully to the team’s success?” The solution does not only rely on “leadership” !
Team set up Is key and critical to its success. Knowledge and skills on team dynamics are required here. This is where you should look for help, at any point to ensure team and business success.

We incorporated these into our proven methodology. A long string of successes in various business environments attests that is works. We appreciate can talk about the team challenges you live and see in your organization.

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