You are wondering ? Here are a few questions we were asked and we are taking the liberty to share them with you. If you have other questions, do not hesitate, it will be our pleasure to answer them to the best of our knowledge or to point you toward those with an answer. 

• I have seen and heard of hundreds of coaches promises, but have not seen real results. Why are you different?
• What kind of results we will be considered success ? 
• When will you start to see the results ? 
• What is the calendar of activities and deliverables to complete our mandate ?
• How we minimize the disruptions to the conduct of day-to-day business.
• How much of the total price is contingent to achievement of full success on promises to you and your organization within the target program duration ?
• Sounds good, how much does it cost ?
• Is it a good idea for my business ?
• Is my enterprise ready ? 
• What will my acquaintances, my friends and fellow entrepreneurs say or think about it ?  
• What will my managers and my executives think ?
• Can I do it myself ? Or can we do it with our own employees ? 
• Where and how to start ? 

I have seen and heard of hundreds of coaches promises, but have not seen real results. Why are you different?

Of the hundreds of business coaches and consultants and firms I have met, none has developed a structured team training system. We have come to understand that performance is NEVER the result of only one person's efforts.  We learnt that coordinated Team efforts generate results that no group of individuals can match.  You can see evidence of this in every team sports, "It is not the skill of the individuals but how they work together that brings success." We have applied these concepts to business, bringing results far beyond the set goals that initiated our involvement.  We couple this knowledge with  an understanding of our clients' business success equation to bring even bigger successes to our clients.  (Business success equation is the specific recipe that makes a clients' business successful and profitable)

Our competitors coach in one element of the equation as if it were the only element for business success. Others coach on "gut feel" of success without really defining what it is and how to measure it. They fail to deliver the long term results and long term success you are entitled to expect.  They often end up moving problems from one place to another, gaining in one part of the business and losing in another part. The true success is in a balanced approach that puts all the pieces of the puzzle together into the desired big and detailed picture.  To do this with sustained success, one need to understand and use the business success equation.

They fail to understand the relations and the alignment required between the key elements of business success equation : leads, conversion, transactions, value, costs and profits.  We base our coaching on a very structured and methodical approach that include training on all aspects of business success and on deeper application coaching with the team and people involved in the different elements of  your business equation.

We provide you and your team with the tools and the system to measure their results, thus the impact of their decisions on the achievement of your and their goals.  This way everyone continues learning and improving forever.

What kind of results we will be considered success? 

Before we start our involvement, we work together to define all aspects of success. We believe organizations   have multiple stake holders and priorities that need to be considered. In all cases we work together to assess teamwork and the resilience of your business success equation. After reviewing the results together with you AND your team, we develop an action plan that will address the key elements to achieve all aspects of the success you are seeking. Whether your business success requires better leads generation, conversion,  price, transactions, costs or profits, quality, customer service, on time delivery, health/safety & environment, employee satisfaction, innovation; Organizational Coaching programs are built with understanding that all these elements and much more are tied together through the team executing your business success and must be part of the systems, the training and the coaching programs. 

When will I start to see some results? 

Results are usually measurable within 3 months from the beginning of the programs. Results will show and their effect on financial results will be visible in the following few months.  

What is the calendar of activities and deliverables to complete their mandate

A complete program includes 3 phases + a long term support service :  Typically, the time elapsed to complete  the first 2 phases of a complete program, for a midsize business is 6 months. Phase 3 can add up to another 6 months.  The long term support service is optional and you choose how long you want this support.

Phase 1

  • Assessment and development of plan 

Phase 2

  • Entrepreneur /business leader align structure and team process to drive the change process and training.
  • Team training and coaching - which includes communication program, training workshops, mobilization and team development process and activities, workplace activities, workplace application coaching, results and business tracking, etc. These are sequenced to coordinate and maximize their combined impact.
  • Coached integration phase where the team absorbs the "new ways" into the everyday business/ work life behaviour.

Phase 3

  • Follow-up phase where we stay close and monitor the results and the action plans with you and your team

Long term support service

  • Remote follow-up where we come back to audit the progress in the business growth, innovations, results. We sequence and adjust timing to tailor the program for your specific situation and goals.

How we minimize the disruptions to the conduct of day-to-day business.

All the communication, the training and other activities are carried in the work environment, using the available time between work activities to conduct training and workplace activities, and to provide coaching feedback. At all time, business comes first, serving your clients is the main purpose of your employees and your entire organization.

How much of the total price is contingent to achievement of full success on our promises to you and your organization within the target program duration?

We are very confident in our capacity to deliver the kind of changes that will have a real positive impact on your business.  We tie 40% of our fees to the attainment of the measured targets that were established at the outset of the program. Basically, we make money if you make money!

Sounds good, how much does it cost?

Much less than you think ! Our coaching program is an investment in your business that carries a written guarantee to generate better than 1:1. Your risk is 0.  No other investment carries similar return guarantee. None of our past clients had return of less than 3:1, the average return we provide is above 5:1, the highest was above 15:1.

There is always the questions : "What if we invest in our people and they leave ? To which the leader with vision replies "What if we don't invest in them and they stay ?". 

Is it a good idea for my business?

The real questions you should ask yourself are :

Is my business returns and growth meeting and exceeding my expectations ?
Does business bring me the stable revenue I want or dream about for myself and my family ?  
Does it fulfill my clients expectations ?
Does it provide developmental and fulfilling work for my employees ?
Does it generate profits that justify the money and time I invest in it ?  
Does it provide a mean to realize my wildest ambitions ?
If the answer to any of these questions is "NO", then coaching will prove to be a very good idea. 

Is my enterprise ready? 

Your business is ready as soon as you have your key players in the roles you want them to fulfill. Contrary to what some say, the best time to do coaching is "NOW".  While you can see and focus on issues.

During the busy period, it is possible to test and fine tune new behaviors in the thick of the action, under the pressure to deliver.  During the less busy period of the year, your team may have more time to absorb, which emphasize your leader's role to keep the sense of urgency and drive for actions. 

What will my acquaintances, my friends and fellow entrepreneurs say or think about it?

A small sport analogy : Do you know any sports team that does not have a coach ? Even with the best captain, they need a coach. What are competitors saying ? Every sports team owner knows he needs a coach to train his team, to prepare the plays, to prepare for contingencies.  Bottom line, to win the cup they need coaches. Coaches who structure and improve teamwork. They all know that to raise your level, to win in the big league, you need external help. 

As an entrepreneur or a business leader, it is hard to see the forest from the trees. The fact is that your business needs that you see the forest (the big picture) which takes away the time to focus on individual trees. When you are busy fixing daily and weekly business issues and problems, you loose sight of the whole picture to make better informed decisions. 

What will my managers and my executives think?

It is important that you communicate with your executives and your managers to bring them to understand that the exercise reflect your acknowledgement that they are too busy with important tasks to take on this additional work themselves.  At the same time you must communicate to them that they are important members of your organization and that their knowledge, expertise, ideas and skills are valued. They will get the help and support to enact them through the process and reap the benefits from them.  

Can I do it myself ? Or can we do it with our own employees?

The vast majority (>80%) of internally managed improvement programs fail to deliver the expected results.

A recent forum identified the following causes : 

1- As business head, it is very difficult to find the time, the energy, to learn the knowledge, to gain the required experience to lead these successful projects without neglecting your current business.
2- People hired for this purpose are typically assigned other duties and no longer have the availability, the distance and the focus to conduct such programs.
3- People hired for this purpose are integrated in departments, they lose access to the big picture of the business while focusing on their departmental duties. 
4- The change mandate is not communicated clearly throughout the organization by the appropriate level of management. 
5- The change mandate is targeted to the part of the organization that shows the symptoms without attacking the root cause of the issues. It causes resentment and high level of resistance (passive and active) to the change program. 
6- People hired for this purpose, when integrated into a department, are perceived as biased and unaware of other departments realities.
7- People hired do not have the knowledge nor the experience to develop, communicate and implement the strategies to bring the results of operational improvements to the bottom line of the financial statement.

Where and how to start? 

The process requires some preparation, up front work in a few steps. As coaches we will guide you through the process that leads to the business of your dreams. 

Learn "How we do it".  Then practice, find your own way and get our support to build your HIGH PERFORMANCE TEAM and maximize Business Results with TEAMWORK.



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