Beyond Team Building is Teamwork Development

December 19, 2016Uncategorized

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Beyond team building is Teamwork Development

The word team is on every manager and leader’s lips.  In fact, every leader wants to lead a team.  In the process of becoming a team, leaders need to find a way to “build“ their team, develop trust, communication. team rules, social behavior, etc. Team building activities provide safe environment to develop skills for social interaction between your team members.  Team building activities such as sports (rafting, canoe, rock climbing, dragon boat, hiking, biking, etc..), games and arts (music, painting etc.) help build and strengthen social bond between colleagues. The ability of team building activities to accelerate the development of team has made them very trendy.

The next step is to bring this team mentality into the workplace.  The challenge is to transform the social interaction in the team into professional and work interactions. Only then can a team have an impact on the business and its’ bottom line.  Most leaders believe that team building would naturally include all aspects of human relations. This reasoning is based on the assumption that professional behavior, social and sport behavior are based on the same rules, which appears to be inaccurate.

The reason being team rules in work environment are more complex and complete.  The communication and the trust need to be extended beyond social and sport interactions. Work team members must rely on each other professionalism, knowledge, skills and abilities for their livelihood and their career development.  There is still ways to go from team building to developing teamwork that delivers measurable business results. An additional process is required to bring a work team together and develop real teamwork. This is why a structured teamwork development process that is inclusive, open, challenging and result oriented is the fastest method to bring work team to do teamwork.

Our teamwork development is done using real workplace situations in real time. It is paired with a check cashing strategy that allows business leaders to bring in measurable results from it. What value does it bring to organizations?

It brings value like:

  • Generating new sales and growth you target
  • Direct impact on operating, unit costs and margins
  • Improvement to customer service and experience that customer values

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