Teamwork as foundation for Business Strategy!

October 03, 2016Uncategorized

Teamwork brings results

We all have heard that teamwork improves performance. Here are different paths to turn performance into benefits and to bottom line results.

Did you know how much the performance of a group is improved when it becomes a team?

Documented research shows an average of 29% of performance increase when real teamwork is developed. We will cover how this is possible in our next newsletters. But first consider how valuable it can be when it is made part of a more complete business strategy.

Turn improved performance into benefits

What does 29% in performance improvement mean to you? What aspects of performance are key to your Business Strategy?

In sales, it is 29% more leads, or 29% more conversion, or 29% more value per transaction. In the worst combination it means 29% more revenue$ on your top line.

In operations, it is 29% increase in the value of goods and services delivered to your clients per dollar of wages paid. It represents a reduction of 29% of your unit labour cost or a 29% increase in your operation throughput/ capacity or any combination in between. It can be added to waste reduction and yield improvements to show even higher bottom line impact. In every situation, it represents a major addition to the operations contribution to your bottom line.

In your R&D group, it means products and services developed and market ready 29% faster, giving you an edge on competitors and the leading position as the first to market.

Team results enable strategies

For your next business strategy planning workshops;  Imagine your business with 29% more sales revenues$ and 29% lower labour cost per unit of good or service delivered.  Imagine your R&D group pumping out new products and services 29% faster thus cutting your time to market accordingly.  See the picture and when you are ready to make it reality, ask us how we can help you make it reality with your team. We help structure and organize teams to generate this kind of results and impact on their business.

We are the specialists and the reference in developing Team Performance and implementing long lasting Teamwork Performance  in businesses and organizations.

We developed a cutting edge team development process that addresses all the needs for teams to align and perform to the maximum you can imagine. To know more visit us at or contact us directly through

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