Teamwork as a strategic advantage

September 05, 2018Uncategorized

In sports and in business, strategy design is important. Strategy implementation is a critical skill for teams to master in order to succeed.

What you know

The essence of business is competition. Nowadays, we compete for all aspects of business survival: We compete to gain/ keep clients, we compete to find and retain talent, we compete to be the first one to bring our innovative solution to the market, we compete on price, on quality, on service, on value.  Competition is in all aspects of business. The only way to consistently win competitions is to work as 1 team, to improve our teamwork.

What you need to know

Most of us have learned to compete as leaders, driving OUR business focus, priorities and directing strategies? Thus, we loose sight of other aspects and priorities.

How can you compete and stay up-to-date and quickly make the best decisions to readjust strategies when situations constantly change? How long are we able to keep the pace? And then what happens of all the efforts, time and resources that were invested in taking the lead?

Even in “best oiled machine”, teamwork will find better ways to operate, better ways to contribute and implement effective strategies and raise performance by an average of 27% according to studies.

By the way, dictating/ directing “team members” actions does not mean you are leading a team, quite the opposite!  Teamwork is the opposite and requires different approach, a different way to communicate and work together.

What to do

We must review our notions of Teamwork and how every team member can/ should contribute to the best outcome for the TEAM. How do we create such teams where each member is fully committed to do whatever it takes to bring success for the team?

Why do it

What differences does TEAMWORK make in business strategy?

Teamwork allows each team member to lead the action in the field where they are in better position to do so. Implementation of strategy suffers no delay, adherence to goals shorter terms targets is clear, commitment and engagement are granted from the start. The team will find the way to reach or exceed the goals and targets.  They will design and propose the changes to reach these goals and targets; you will never have to manage change…

Teamwork make business agile, quick to respond and adjust to changing environment, it allows every team member to fully contribute, it makes “impossible strategic options” easily and quickly achievable.

So why don’t we do it all the time?  We may think that we are doing it!  When we really don’t!

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Because we forgot:

We forgot how it is to be part of a team!

We forgot how to really lead a team!

We forgot how to let go and fully trust teammates!

We forgot how and what to communicate to build a true and dedicated team!

We forgot to align our actions with our words and with the true purpose of the team we seek to create!

A solution to the dilemma

WE HELP OUR CLIENTS REMEMBER and find their way to create and engage fully their team.  To make their team a High-Performance Team.

Stop looking back at what your competitors are doing, focus on doing what is right for your business and your clients. You will not hear of them as you and your team erase the word impossible from business vocabulary.

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