What is your leadership style?

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Why is your leadership style so important ?

Developing trends in manpower and brainpower mobility requires we adapt our leadership style to retain and develop talents in order to remain in business, and to thrive. We have started to witness the changes in workforce behaviour, more apparent with the millenial generation, where the employees have low tolerance for leaders who not demonstrate appropriate style to varying situations.   We can help leaders who want to get ahead and improve their mastering of key leadership styles and thrive with their team.

What we know about leadership styles

Sifting through literature, experience and personal notes, we have identified and categorized 5 categories of leadership styles. Each category includes different variations of the main characteristic and common traits of the category.

We all have a natural leadership style,  a style that naturally surfaces and represents our comfort zone.  We also have a fall back style that surfaces when under pressure for results and deadlines..  Can you identify your styles between the following ones ?

Gardner Associates Leadership Styles

Common Leadership Styles and quick description

The impact of the different styles on teamwork and team development

Each style have strengths and weaknesses.  There are specific occasions where they are the most appropriate style to bring the needed outcome for the benefit of all.  When used constantly they also have very different  impact on your team, on teamwork, on team cohesion and on your team results varies greatly between styles.  Their impact can be measured with employee turnover and churn, with customer service ratings, with quality and timeliness of delivery to customer and ultimately on profitability.  Through team leadership and team members development,  the business performance and financial results take a sharp positive turn.

We have identified the keys to leadership style and how to help leaders understand and make the adjustments to totally change perception, impact and results they have whith their team.