Our model is unique

• Continued business success is not luck, it is carefully managing the components of the elements that make your business successful through a cohesive team.

• Working together, we review and enhance teamwork and team cohesion in the execution of your business process from lead generation to sales through your operation to delivery and cashing the check from happy clients.

• We review all keys components to business success in the light of teamwork and business success equation.

• Working with ALL your resources (inclusive approach), our model expands teamwork as it integrates solutions tailored to your unique situation and goals. 

• Our holistic approach is unique, it integrates best practices into a seamless system that is easy to use and to understand

• This model, Organizational Coaching, is based on the teachings of Socrates and human engineering, the work that was done for military special forces on "group and team dynamic" combined with business analysis studies.  It is the fruit of 25 years of experience and development. 

• Our method integrates techniques, training and application coaching into a complete approach.

• This approach consistently delivers proven financial results and a positive human impact (cooperation culture, accountability, enthusiasm facing challenges) 

• Measurable results start to show within 2 to 3 months of program start date. 

• The involvement of everyone eliminates the resistance to changes. It improves and extends the team concept to include all members of the organization: executives, management, employees, from sales to cashing the check from happy customers. It provides a new ground to develop an accelerated way to your desired future. 

With the organizational coaching we guarantee you will recover your full investment within a few months: ROI > 3:1

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How we work

• We work with you and all levels of your organization

• We work respectfully with everyone. 

• Together we challenge status quo to find new ways to achieve far-reaching goals and objectives for all to benefit. 

• We do not tell people what to do; we help them to understand the "what", "why", "how" of the work they do. Then we coach them to find their way to achieve all their purposes and objectives.

• We do not leave a report of what to do; we implement it with your team. In the thick of the action, we train and coach people to do it!

• We implement changes with the people that will be making these changes "live" every day.

• Together we manage the program and review progress every week against our agreed schedule.

• We train your people to take over what we do, so you can continue to progress to innovate and adapt to future challenges that will come to you: To remain the leader in your market.

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We are there for you, for the long-term

  • Following any implementation, there is a need to implementation extended support that will follow-up and ensure the full integration of the knowledge, the skills, the methods into a culture.  This ensures your business will "cash the check" for all the benefits available from the new situation. We offer this support to you and your enterprise.
  • We remain in touch with you.  As time changes, you may want to bounce ideas to incorporate new ideas, pick up new challenges etc. Having worked together we are well placed to discuss and challenge the art of the possible with you.
  • Typically the new culture we develop with our clients last for years;  our typical call back are from clients telling us that "after so many years, too many key people retired or left and their replacement need be trained and energized".

How you will cash that check is entirely up to you: You may grow sales, grow revenues, grow profits, improve your team, improve results sharing, use your team to innovate, reduce costs, increase the resale value of your business etc.

At each phase you decide to: stop or go and timing.

We work together with your team to make changes happen.

Learn "How we do it".  Then practice, find your own way and get our support to build your HIGH PERFORMANCE TEAM and maximize Business Results with TEAMWORK.



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  • Alain Gardner – Cote Vertu, St-Laurent, Quebec, Canada