Is “impossible” in your organization’s dictionary ?

You need to know :

 You can remove impossible from your organization dictionary.  Overachieving in business performance is a question of mindset, when it does not yield results, it can be changed.

Is impossible in your organization vocabulary? How often do you hear people in your organization say to each other or worst to your clients “ We cannot do this”, “it is impossible “.  This mindset that you hear says “we gave up” and “we cannot think of a way to help you” (colleague or customer) AND it conveys the message that the organization is frozen and has lost its ability to change, to adapt to serve customers.  It is a culture where we cannot trust each other to do what is right for our clients and colleagues.
What is worst is that this has become accepted and tolerated. It is that this culture, that mindset made its way right to the top of organizations.

What to do about it:

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To change this mindset requires leadership and tools.
Leadership at the top to : 1- Recognize the situation, 2- Communicate the need for changes and 3- Take action to make the changes happen.
Tools to ensure the changes being implemented are yielding the desired results. This usually goes through a creating a real teamwork environment, supported by comprehensive dashboard that will include behavior and results of your business process (not people).
The process of changing the mindset, developing teamwork throughout an organization and getting positive results is our field specialization. It involves communication, education, training and coaching.

We systematically provide our clients with a full system of team behavior, process and system of measure for complete business process: Marketing, sales, operations, supply chain, after sales service, financial. The system provides visibility and pre-visibility of business changes and results. . It feeds back information to support the mobilization of human capital in the organization. This allows the entire team (across departments and functions) to adjust in support of the organization’s mission and goals.
With the help of such system, raising targets yearly become a fun challenge for the entire team across the organization, as everyone is aware and involved in measuring their own contribution.
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We coach your people to achieve their definition of success while achieving your definition of success for the organization. Our methods, approach and techniques have been proven in all sizes and types of service, resources or manufacturing businesses.  Our results last because they are rooted in a renewed cooperative culture that benefits everyone.

To your success for everyone’s benefit

Alain Gardner
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