Getting it, to lead teamwork into team performance

November 29, 2016Uncategorized

You know that :

All businesses are suffering from lack of cohesive teamwork. The reason is simple; there is no education program or classes focused on teamwork and team performance  through managing processes. Not even in higher education programs. We searched throughout USA, Canada and Europe and could not find business or management schools’. No class or training covers :  team concepts, group dynamic, team performance driver, process requirements, teamwork methodologies. A few consultants have developed expertise on one or two aspects of building teamwork, but the whole picture is still a missing in the education system Go Here.

We have a solution for it :

With a small team, we developed a team process that has proven very successful in small, medium and larger organizations. We offer a training program with application coaching centered on the development of team performance and cohesive teamwork . Our tailored programs engage all our clients’ employees in every department into building a cohesive team where everyone share the same goals, the ones you chose.

Make it work for you before your competitors do :

We  meet members of executive teams with marked interest for the success of their organization and good understanding of its’ challenges. Our programs have very positive impacts on operations, sales and human resources. We have such confidence in the value we bring that we guarantee out results.

I am Alain Gardner, coach and consultant with over 25 years of experience. A part of that experience has been acquired with some of your international competitors (in Canada, in USA, in Mexico, in South America, in Europe) which maybe one of the reasons you may feel market pressure to improve performance and pace for innovation.

Which member(s) of your organization would be best placed to meet us and provide a clear view of our offer and the gains for your team? We will contact this person and set an appointment for a short conversation in the coming weeks.